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PT. Kharisma Lestari JayaPT. Kharisma Lestari JayaPT. Kharisma Lestari Jaya
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PT. Kharisma Lestari JayaPT. Kharisma Lestari JayaPT. Kharisma Lestari Jaya

Contact us Denim is a love
that never fades
Love is a canvas furnished by Nature
and embroidered by imagination
the more you can dream
the more you can do
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Kharisma Group is a family business that moves in the garment industry and located in Cimahi City, West Java. This family business was started in 1998, with the number of employess as that time as many as 20 people. Over time, the business that we started began to grow to become one of the largest garment manufacturers in Indonesia, currently this business we have more than 1500 employess with 15 local and international brands that are actively producing several types of product in our company. In 2016 we founded PT.Kharisma Lestari Jaya as a form of our long term plan in maximizing all the potential that we have, so that the business that was initiated since 1998 can be more professional , strong , and reliable.

Business Growth Stastic
1500 employees
2 Million garments produce annualy
With a selection of our thought
leadership white papers by some
of the world’s leading

We have over 30+ years experience

Becoming one of the largest & integrated garment companies in Indonesia and participatin in developing Indonesia , one of wich is by helping the Indonesia people get their proper clothing needs

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Cutting / Day

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Sewing / Day

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Washing /Day

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Packing /Day

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We are committed to create high quality product , through standardize production process and supported with professional people with the newest technology

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Bringing happiness to customer and all stakeholders by providing one-stop solution for textile and garment needs

Our Mission:

Prioritizing the best quality in every product delivered
Maintain the profitability of all stakeholders ( business, customer, suppliers) & maintain the health of the company
Developing a garment business by following technological developments through an online approach
Also develop human resources and provide a positive impact on the surrounding environment

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